To Tweet or Not to Tweet

Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr – whatever your social media poison may be – it is taking over our lives and we all know it. I even know it. Especially us New Yorkers, everything is on social media, our City is on social media. And I admit, I am guilty of posting my meals because I know people must be so interested in what I’m eating, I post selfies because why wouldn’t people want to stare long and hard at my kissy face? I post just about anything I find witty, pretty or just entertaining. Sometimes I go to tell someone a story and before I can even get into it I hear “I know I saw it on your Instagram.” But where is the line drawn? Maybe engagements?

In a recent article in the New York Times, “Rule 1: No ‘I DO’ via Twitter” – I know, when I firstsaw this I thought please don’t tell me someone exchanged vows via Twitter too – a woman posted her engagement on FaceBook (totally reasonable, it’s exciting) and was actually cornered at work by a co-worker who wasn’t invited to the wedding.

Usually it is customary to send out Save the Dates to announce a wedding, but with this day in age Social Media is the announcement medium of choice. So when is it inappropriate to post such a thing? Is it ever?

In a situation like this I personally say that co-worker was crazy. An engagement is an incredibly exciting time and as women, if it was socially acceptable we would shout it from rooftops and post our ring on billboards. So yes, I think we should absolutely be able to post our announcement to any form of social media we choose. Just be prepared for these eager wedding crashers.

The NYT article mentions another woman who had a similar issue except she actually felt OBLIGATED to invite these Facebook friends. Ladies, people want to be invited to your wedding, especially single people (free booze, single men, get to look good). You must stand strong and be impervious to these invitation-sucking pity parties who only want to go to a wedding – not your wedding. If you have a maximum guest count, STICK TO IT. This day is for you and your Mr./Mrs. no one else and you should only be surrounded by those who when you look back at your wedding, you’ll say “I’m glad they were there.”

Another thing – choose WHEN you post wisely, not only what you post. Don’t jump the gun on anything because.. well anything can happen. And if a friend posts something from your wedding before you do, let them. You should NOT have your phone on you during your wedding day, this is a day for you to enjoy with your whole being, not through an iPhone lens.

If you have the time, read the article – the horror stories are truly entertaining and you get a clear DO and DONT list. Which by the way I have included in this post, a “How to Weed Out Guests on your Guest List” flow chart.



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